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Quick Guide to COPE

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What is COPE? 
COPE (Committee on Political Education) is labor’s political arm. COPE supports labor-backed candidates and builds power for working families.

What does COPE do?
Two big things: 1) COPE screens candidates and makes endorsements; 2) COPE makes donations to and asks union members to vote for endorsed candidates.

Why do labor unions need COPE for elections?
Big reason: By law, no union dues may go to a candidate. All donations to the COPE Fund are voluntary and kept apart from union dues.

Who has power to decide on how COPE operates?
The same folks who make all other labor policy – our members. Members elect COPE Committees and steer our political program.

What is the Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention?
Every two years, the COPE Convention votes on statewide endorsements and adopts local endorsements from across the state. Delegates also work on ways to build power for Texas working families.