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Big Times Underway

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
06 Aug, 2021
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The Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast is the premier labor event of the year. We meet with top labor and political leaders that set the pace for upcoming activities that really matter. 

Get your order in for tickets, advertisements, and sponsorships. Contact our Political Director, Mariah Warwick. For individual tickets or tables, we may use the convenient donation button.


Special Session Ends, Begins

The first special session of the Texas Legislature ends August 6. The second one begins August 7. By scheduling them back-to-back, Governor Abbott has cut off a possibility of reversing his cutoff of funding for the legislative branch. The anti-voter agenda of the first session, which failed for lack of a quorum, is largely unchanged. 

To further the irony, the first session ends as we celebrate the 1965 passing of the Voter Rights Act, which was supposed to have ended racism in American electoral law.


Texans continue the struggle to save voter rights at both the state and national levels. If the “For the People” Act could get through the U.S. Senate, it would stop most voter suppression while also stopping partisan gerrymandering.


Aug 6: Anniversary of Voting Rights Act, 1965

Aug 6: End of Governor Abbott's first "special session"

Aug 7: Beginning of Governor Abbott’s 2nd special session

Aug 7: Hiroshima Day

Aug 9: Nagasaki Day

Aug 13, 8A: Stand in Solidarity with Airline Caterers at 3830 Post Oak Blvd, Euless, TX 76040-7534. 

Aug 14: Anniversary of Social Security, 1935

Aug 16: The Bureau of the Census is supposed to release demographic data for redistricting

Aug 19, 7:30P: AFL-CIO Central Labor Council for all affiliated members

Sep 6, 8:30A: Dallas Labor Day Breakfast at Gilley's

Sep 6, 1P: Tarrant County Splash Dayz celebration at water park, 405 N Las Vegas TR, White Settlement, 76108

Sep 28: National Voter Registration Day