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Can We Be Divided?

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
10 Sep, 2021
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Who benefits when we fight each other? Certain politicians. Certain politicians try to line up support for their own power grabs. To them, we are just cannon fodder. In a wider view, corporate America benefits by every division among us workers and retirees.

The Dallas editors who wrote “Mocking Vaccine Resisters Won’t Help” were correct in their narrow view of efforts to overcome COVID, but they could have said similar things about foreign affairs, climate change, women’s rights, organizing, infrastructure, racism, and government spending. Certain politicians and their financiers want to see us arguing with each other over major developments.

Disagree Together!

No one is saying that we shouldn’t be discussing every issue. No one is saying that we can magically agree on everything; but we can “disagree without being disagreeable” and keep our “eyes on the prize.”


While we’re refusing to be divided, we can win the Warrior Met Coal Miners strike, the Nabisco strike, the Massachusetts Nurse’s strike, and the all-important Exxon-Mobile lockout in Beaumont, Texas. We can help the school and food workers in their front-line battles for safe workplaces. Together, we will win!

Labor Day Showed How to Win

Union supporters organized all kinds of Labor Day events across the nation this year. The Dallas AFL-CIO virtual breakfast was a model. Progressive political leaders, unions, and community activists came together in a mighty movement for progress. Special credit goes to super-techie Travis Cantwell of UA100 for organizing the event and to Political Director Mariah Warwick of IBEW20 for making it a great fund-raising success for labor.

Cantwell saved video segments for further display on Dallas AFL-CIO social media. Labor Day 2021 will be remembered! 



Sep 13 & next 2 Mondays: Moral Mondays will hold public rallies. Poor People’s Campaign

Sep 20: Expected expiration of American Postal Workers Union contract

Sep 20: Third special session of Texas Legislature to begin

Sep 28: National Voter Registration Day

Oct 1: International Senior Citizens Day