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Can You Fight and Win?

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
02 Jul, 2021
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The Supreme Court has bared its teeth against voter rights. The governor of Texas, any day, will publish a plan to slash our rights much deeper. North Texans are being called to action.

Pickets, rallies, and news conferences are blooming like wildflowers. A protest is scheduled for tomorrow, July 3, at Senator Cornyn’s Dallas office. Activists are mobilizing all over the state for a rally in Austin on July 19. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans carried out its second Dallas picket in a week’s time yesterday. Retirees are scheduling protests in 3 more major cities.


It Is Serious

Here is what National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of “dark money” contributors in California and voter suppression laws in Arizona: “The labor movement has always fought for the freedom to vote without discrimination and without intimidation. Today, that freedom was once again attacked by a Supreme Court dead set on unraveling democracy at the workplace and the ballot box. Endorsing the efforts of extremist Arizona lawmakers to silence voters’ voices based on the color of their skin is a stain on the highest court in the land. It also makes it that much more difficult to challenge discriminatory voting laws in the future."

Is It Hopeless?

Today, July 2, we celebrate the anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It's also the anniversary of the 1839 Amistad uprising against slavery. When we worry today about how to keep from losing our rights to freedom and dignity, we find our answer in a much better question: “How did we win our rights to freedom and dignity in the first place?”

More Actions Coming Up

Jul 2, 7P: DSA labor committee will discuss solidarity with working families in the Philippines

Jul 3, 10A: “Deadline for Democracy” demo at Senator John Cornyn’s office, 5001 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas, TX 75244-3910

July 4: Independence Day

Jul 6, 10A-4P: Blood drive at Dallas Democratic Party, 1400 N Washington

July 6, 10A: (Tentative) Redistricting work begins in Texas Legislature 

Jul 7, (Around Noon) Massachusetts nurses protest at Tenet Hospitals. Contact Grace Fors 

Jul 8: Begin Texas Lege special session

Jul 8, 12:30P: Dallas Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans meets on-line. Contact Judy Bryant 214-729-0063

Jul 9, noon: “Solidarity with Striking St Vincent Nurses” at 14201 Dallas Parkway. Contact Grace Fors 

Jul 19: Statewide demonstration for voter rights in Austin 

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention

July 30: Medicare 56th anniversary

Aug 4-6: LCLAA National Convention in Las Vegas

Aug 14: Social Security 86th anniversary

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