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Dallas Labor Accepts the Challenge

Digital Organizing -- Gene Lantz
09 Nov, 2017
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AFL-CIO Leads the Fight

Labor Salutes Veterans

Tax Bill Looks Good for Wealthy, Not Us

Fight Against Privatization Continues

More Actions Coming Up

AFL-CIO Leads the Fight for Workers

Whether or not working families will have support from government offices will be determined over the next year. Candidate nominations will take place over the next month. As soon as all nominations are completed, the Dallas AFL-CIO will implement its careful screening process and make the best recommendations possible for working people. 

No one needs to wait to participate. Political Director Lorraine Montemayor had occasion to talk with dozens of candidates and office holders when she attended the campaign announcement of popular State Legislator Victoria Neave. Another labor supporter, State Representative Roberto Alonzo, holds a similar event on Tuesday 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Jefferson Tower 351 W. Jefferson Suite 800 Dallas, Texas 75208.

The AFL-CIO constituency groups are reaching out to the general population to maximize the political strength of all working people. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, for example, has been outspoken about improving senior voting patterns during 2018. There is a place for everyone in this battle!

Labor Salutes Veterans

The American Federation of Government Employees has been making a special effort to improve veteran's care. One of the best allies that working families have, Congressman Marc Veasey, is honoring veterans today at 5 PM at the American Legion Post at 2804 S. Cockrell Hill Road, Dallas 75211. 


Tax Bill Looks Good for Wealthy, Not for Us

The AFL-CIO has posted a strong take on how many ways the tax bill in Congress would enrich the wealthy at the expense of everyone else:

--This bill is a job killer. The GOP tax bill would give companies a huge tax break for outsourcing. U.S. taxes on offshore profits would be eliminated, giving big corporations even more incentive to move jobs offshore.

--Republicans are proposing to (partially) pay for tax cuts with drastic cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and education. The GOP budget includes $5 trillion in budget cuts, including $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, an increase in the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67, and an end to Medicare's guarantee of health coverage.

--But the GOP tax bill still won't be paid for, so we can expect Republicans to demand more budget cuts that hurt working people in the future. The Republican budget allows for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that are not paid for in the first decade, and these tax cuts are structured to cost even more in future decades. First the Wall Street millionaires throw themselves a party, then they stick the rest of us with the tab.

Fight Against Privatization Continues

The general assault against American working families often focuses on public employees. Dallas witnessed a successful attack in the November 7 election when State Senator Don Huffines and his unknown backers succeeded in dissolving the Dallas County Schools bus transportation system. Huffines' legislation gives Dallas Independent School District the leading role in the dissolution committee. Privatization of school transportation in several, if not all, area school districts is possible.

But privatization is not a certainty, according to Delna Bryan, ( organizer for the National Education Association. They ask for continued help in trying to represent the employees and avoid letting profit-hungry corporations make money from our school children.

More Actions Coming Up

Nov 10, 5p: Congressman Marc Veasey honors veterans at American Legion 2804 S Cockrell Hill Rd 75211

Nov 11: Veterans Day

Nov 14, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm: Roberto R. Alonzo State Representative District 104 Jefferson Tower 351 W. Jefferson Suite 800 Dallas, Texas 75208 RSVP:

Nov 18, 9A-4P: “Secrets of a Successful Organizer” training at 1111 Empire Central Pl, Dallas 75247 Contact Ryan Haney 214-675-4411

Nov 18, 3P: “The Commish” talk show broadcasts live from 1408 N Washington with three candidates for Dallas County Democratic Party Chair

Dec 2, 11A-2P: Education to “Take on Wall Street to Stop Runaway Inequality.” Sign up with Herb Keener, or 214-543-3078

Dec 11: Filing deadline for 2018 elections

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