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Dallas Labor Engages

Digital Organizing -- Gene Lantz
03 Nov, 2017
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The Dallas AFL-CIO has already engaged in the electoral season through November, 2018. Early screening for two critical Dallas County races, District Attorney and Democratic Party Chair, is already underway. A larger screening for over 100 local races will take place after all nominations are completed in December.

Key union members strategized with principal officer Mark York and political director Lorraine Montemayor on October 30. The strong backing of the state AFL-CIO came in the presence of Secretary-Treasurer Montserat Garibay and election experts Jeff Rotkoff and Kara Sheehan. Montemayor said that this was only one of many planned strategy sessions.


Jeff Rotkoff and Montserat Garibay of TexasAFL-CIO

Unity is Key

The main theme for labor is unity because we win when we work together. Mark York emphasized the need to build labor’s electoral power in the longer term. When we train our own members in election work, we are stronger not only in present elections but in the future. “Invest it in ourselves,” he said.

A number of other interesting ideas were proposed:

  • Increased emphasis on voter registration
  • More community meetings
  • Helping undocumented members become citizens
  • Creating updated literature on workers’ critical issues

Dallas labor encourages input about how to continue to strengthen the Dallas AFL-CIO’s representation of working people in elections.

Vote November 7!

The lower the overall turnout, the more important is each individual vote! Suggestions for the complicated November 7 ballot were given on our web site.

Our union brothers and sisters who are employed by Dallas County Schools have asked us to explain why a “FOR” vote on County Proposition A, the last item on the Dallas ballot, is in the interest of working people.

The controversy began with state legislation aimed at getting rid of the public school transportation service. It was sponsored by State Senator Don Huffines of North Dallas. The legislation is complicated, but it leans toward privatization of a public entity. The editors of the Dallas Morning News joined the attack. More recently, a mysterious organization misnamed "Protect Dallas Children" began mailing expensive 4-color literature against the Dallas School District. It lists Doug Deason as Treasurer and gives the address 6125 Luther Lane.

An internet posting says that Deason, “…has served on the finance committee of the Dallas County Republican Party for four years." Another one shows that the address lies just outside Dallas County, but is in Senator Huffines’ district. The anti-worker credentials of Senator Huffines, the Dallas Morning News, and the Dallas County Republican Party are well established. We stand with the workers.


State Senator Huffines and U.S. Senator Cruz

Veterans Honored

November 11 is Veterans Day. The American Federation of Government Employees wants to do more than silently honor veterans, they want to make sure they are treated right. In consideration of staffing shortages at veterans’ facilities, they will hold a rally at 11AM on Nov 7 at 4500 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas 75216. Congressman Marc Veasey will commend veterans on at 5PM on November 10 at the American Legion Hall, 2804 S Cockrell Hill Rd, 75211

More Actions Coming Up

Nov 3, 7P: Last chance for early voting

Nov 3, 6P: UTA Progressive Student Union hosts “The Healthcare Problem” at Maverick Activities Center, UTA, 500 W Nedderman Dr, Arlington

Nov 7, 11A-1P: Rally for Veterans at 4500 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas 75216

Nov 7: Election Day

Nov 10, 5p: Congressman Marc Veasey honors veterans at American Legion 2804 S Cockrell Hill Rd 75211

Nov 11: Veterans Day

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