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Dallas Labor Opposes Cuts and Tax Giveaways

Digital Organizing -- Gene Lantz
27 Oct, 2017
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Tax Giveaways and Budget Cuts Threaten


Eva Dominguez, the Legislative Director for the Alliance for Retired Americans in Washington DC, will be on KNON’s “Workers Beat” program at 9 AM on Saturday, October 26. She will explain the legislation being pushed through Congress to cut taxes for the rich, raise taxes on the poor, and slash vital benefits for everybody, especially seniors.

She can be heard on 89.3FM and Call 972-647-1893 with questions. The local chapter of her organization will protest at 11 AM on Wednesday, November 1, by the Federal Building at 1100 Commerce.

CWA Will Fight Tax/Budget Menace

On October 26, the Communications Workers of America held a teleconference on the tax giveaways and budget cuts being rushed through Congress. Thousands called in and others listened on-line. President Chris Shelton was joined by Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan. They analyzed the clear intentions of the Republicans who have already voted on a budget resolution and will propose tax deform next week.

Pocan said to the participants, “80% of this tax cut will go to the top 1%.” And “You are going to be paying more in taxes.” Even though the Republicans are not lying when they say that America’s corporate tax rate is 35%, they are lying about virtually everything else. The actual tax rate being paid by American corporations, Pocan said, is between 14% and 17%. The corporations currently paying the least taxes are providing the fewest jobs, while those paying the higher taxes are providing the most jobs.

President Shelton added that AT&T has been paying only 8% over the last 7 years. During that same time, they have cut 80,000 jobs and doubled their CEO’s salary! Shelton said, “This is just nonsense. It’s lies and it is corporations’ trying to make even more money than they are making now.”

Other features of the proposal may be even worse. Fat Cats with over $5.5 million, or $11 million per couple, currently pay inheritance taxes, but the Republicans intend to end that. Even the Alternative Minimum Tax would be abolished. Shelton said that President Trump’s 2005 (the only year we can find out about) income tax  rate would have been 4% and he would have saved $31M without the Alternative Minimum Tax!

If all these trillions of dollars are going to be handed out to the wealthy, who is going to pay? Working people will end up paying more federal taxes once all the flim-flam goes through. They quoted a University of Chicago study that says that a family with $50,000 in income and 3 children will pay $14,000 more on the Republican plan.

 Pocan and Shelton said that massive cuts will fall on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other vital programs. If they can’t cut enough, or raise taxes on working people enough, they will just add it to the deficit!

The union plans a massive education and lobbying program to fight back. “When we fight, we win!” Shelton said. Check for updates


Banks 1: People 0

Former CWA President Larry Cohen writes that Vice President Pence cast the tiebreaking vote in the Senate making it illegal to file class action lawsuits against banks.

More Actions Coming Up

Oct 28, 9A: "Tax Giveaways and Budget Cuts" will be the topic on KNON's "Workers Beat" program. 89.3FM and

Oct 30, 5:30P: “Our Revolution” Happy Hour at 1408 N Washington

Nov 1, 11A: Protest the cuts and tax giveaways! Texas Alliance for Retired Americans and others gather at 1101 Commerce (Belo Garden Park) For more information: 214-942-4236

Nov 2, 5P: DACA Teacher Group meeting at 334 Centre, Dallas 75208

Nov 3: Last day of early voting for Nov 7 elections

Nov 7: Election Day

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