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Dallas Labor Opposes Privatization

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
29 Sep, 2017
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Privatization Threatens Again

On September 29, Dallas AFL-CIO leaders Mark York and Lorraine Montemayor listened to members of the Dallas County School Board. They said that school transportation services are facing a privatization effort led by Republican State Senator Don Huffines of Garland. Huffines wants to dissolve the service after the November 7 election.

School Board President Gloria T. Levario told the AFL-CIO leaders that bus drivers and other employees face losing their insurance and other benefits if their jobs are taken over by “for-profit” organizations. She wants to be sure that everyone votes “FOR” the Dallas County Schools. Around 2,500 jobs would be affected.

This is not the first time that Dallas AFL-CIO has been asked to join a major fight against using North Texas school children to make a profit. Some of the same characters who tried to privatize the Dallas Independent School District are now speaking against the transportation service, Ms Levario said.

According to the Ms Levario, the campaign against Dallas County Schools began with a series of smears in the media that began before she took over as Board President in June. The present Board is well on their way to remedying any problems they may have previously had.

Mark York commented, “I’ve never seen anything good come out of privatization! We don't want to see any working people get hurt.”


Congratulations to New State Leadership


The Texas AFL-CIO has chosen Rick Levy as president and Montserrat Garibay as secretary treasurer.

Labor Wins, But Can't Take Time for Congratulations


Working people won a gigantic victory against Trumpcare this week, but TrumpTax and Trumpbudget immediately became the next big problem. Details on the proposed tax deform are hazy, but the Communications Workers of America Newsletter says, "The top one-tenth of 1 percent of households (meaning incomes above $3.8 million) would get about 30 percent of the tax cuts, or an average of about $800,000 a year per household. Source: Committee on Budget and Policy Priorities." No one can find President Trump's tax returns, but Pubic Citizen estimates that he would have gained $31 million from this deal if it had happened in 2005.

Teachers and other concerned people are fighting big cuts to education, as we explained last week.

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans says that the proposed Republican budget would:

  • Cut Medicare by $487 billion
  • Increase Medicare premiums by 25%
  • Raise Medicare eligibility age to 67
  • Cut $1 trillion from Medicaid
  • Cut $5.4 billion from Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Cut veterans and other non-military spending by $893 billion while increasing military spending

More Actions Coming Up

Sep 30: Last day for the Senate to slip things past the American people with only 50 votes.

Sep 30, 9A-12P: LGTBQ+ women panel at CWA Local 6215 - 1408 N. Washington Av. Cost of admission is $10, and coffee and bagels will be provided! Purchase your ticket here

Oct 3, 6:30P: North Texas Transit Riders asks people to testify against a big transit fare hike at the DART Board Meeting, 1401 Pacific Ave. (Akard Station) Dallas, TX 75202. Contact

Oct 3, 5-9P: “Night Out” covered dish supper at Kiest Park 3080 S Hampton Rd. Call Councilman Griggs at 214-670-0776

Oct 4: Deadline to sign up for Project Phoenix golf tournament at Thorntree Country Club on October 16. Contact Lewis at 214-354-9516

Oct 6, 7: Jane Botkin Little, author of “Frank Little and the IWW,” speaks at 1306 West Hickory Street in Denton,  Contact 940.489.2176She will be at the Lone Star Book Festival, Main Street Gardens in downtown Dallas Oct 7-8. At 6 PM Sunday, Oct 8, she will attend a reception at 1408 N Washington. Contact Gene Lantz 214-942-4236

Oct 7, 9A-12P: Panel of mothers at the CWA Local 6215 - 1408 N. Washington Av. Cost of admission is $10, and coffee and breakfast tacos will be provided! Purchase your ticket here

Oct 8, 1P: Ohio Senator Nina Turner and Jim Hightower presented by Our Revolution at Texas Theater, 231 W Jefferson, Dallas 75208

Oct 16, 7A: Project Phoenix golf tournament at Thorntree Country Club

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