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Dallas Labor For Unity

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
15 Dec, 2017
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Dallas Labor Promotes Unity

The Dallas AFL-CIO consistently calls for unity within our progressive movement during elections and all year around.


Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, brought a similar message to a meeting in the House of Labor on the morning of December 15. Ellison has strong credentials for unity. He is Vice-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a member of the venerable Farmer-Labor Party in his home state of Minnesota.

The Ellison unity tour was featured in several North Texas meetings. The 9AM meeting at 1408 N Washington consisted largely of new activists or activists in new organizations that have sprung up since the fractious 2016 Democratic Party primary. Some organizatons were referred to as “popups.” AFL-CIO labor leader Mark York was invited to a similar “Finding Common Ground” meeting with Ellison at 5PM the same day.

During the discussion period, activists made it clear that they were not completely happy with the Democratic Party primary race in 2016 and, especially, with the role of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison' made the purpose of his national tour clear: “You need a party you can trust, and this is why I want to talk to you today, because I want you to trust the Democratic Party.” He listed some of the reforms that are in effect or underway in the way that primaries are handled.

Ellison, a Bernie Sanders supporter, did not dodge criticisms. He mentioned that the Southern Democratic Party had been the party of racism before the "Dixiecrats" switched and became Republicans. In modern times, he said, the Democratic Party has become the "big tent" political party of all ordinary Americans and their issues.

Ellison said that the Democratic Party has changed its focus from simply winning elections to winning year round on the issues. He said that Texans could change our political makeup with an increase in Democratic voter turnout as small as three percent!

Labor-Led Coalition Is Screening for 2018

The progressive Dallas County coalition, led by the AFL-CIO, is well into the process of screening and recommending the best possible candidates for 2018. Political Director Lorraine Montemayor has a big stack of written endorsement applications from Democratic and Republican candidates representing every race that will be on the county ballot. 


By this time next week, the Dallas AFL-CIO should be able to announce their endorsements for all Dallas races and our recommendations for North Texas statewide races from U.S. Congress and Governor on down. No organization has such wide participation, so many candidates to screen, and such a rigorous process to find the right recommendations for working families!

More Actions Coming Up

Dec 20, noon: Fort Worth Alliance for Retired Americans monthly meeting at Furr's Buffet, 3233 Alta Mere Drive, 76116

Dec 21 (After Christmas Party): Dallas AFL-CIO delegates meet at Independent Bar & Kitchen, 2712 Main Street, 75226

Dec 22 (Tentative): Announcements of Dallas labor’s endorsements and recommendations for 2018 elections

Jan 19, 1P: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans state convention at Downtown Sheraton in Austin

Jan 20-21: Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention at Downtown Sheraton in Austin

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