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Defend Democracy!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
26 Mar, 2021
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Voting rights are under attack in the Texas Legislature. Labor and other progressives are mobilizing around the state. Many of us attended a livestreamed event at Democratic Party Headquarters, next door to CWA 6215, on March 24. There, we were reminded that voting rights is very much a civil rights issue.


Longtime organizer Peter Johnson said, “I have friends who are in the graveyard over voting rights!” To the people who do not think voting is important, Johnson said in another interview, “The sheriff that will arrest you and the judge who will send you to jail both have to be elected!” (See our short video)

The Dallas AFL-CIO is committed to the biggest possible turnout for the City Council elections that end May 1st. We will rally downtown at 10AM on April 19, the first day of early voting. Volunteer now at

Remember Anne Feeney

Recently deceased labor troubadour Anne Feeney sang in Dallas every time she passed through. She was hosted at various times by the Steelworkers, the Communications Workers, Jobs with Justice, and the Dallas AFL-CIO.


Feeney’s fans and colleagues will celebrate her life with a livestreamed event 2-5PM on April 3rd. Register free at

More Actions Coming Up

Mar 29, 5PM (and every Monday): Texas AFL-CIO report on our Facebook Page

Mar 31, 6P: APWU leaders explain the Postmaster General’s 10 year plan. Sign up 

Apr 1: Last day to register to vote for the May 1 local elections. Around this time, seniors and other qualified voters will begin voting by mail for the May 1 local elections

Apr 2, 2:15P: Annual Good Friday march downtown

Apr 7, 11A: TSEU “Lobby Day” car Caravan starting Dallas TSEU Lobby Day Caravan at HHSC Building, 801 South, State Hwy 161 #300, Grand Prairie, TX, 75051. Contact Michele Goodwin 

Apr 8: National AFL-CIO day of action on PRO Act

Apr 16: Texas New Era Jobs Fair. Contact Jason Tomlinson

Apr 19, 10A: Rally for first day of early voting at the County Courthouse, 600 Commerce in downtown Dallas. Contact Earnest Tilley

Apr 20: Last day to apply for ballot by mail for May 1 local elections

May 1: Election day; International Workers Day. For public actions, contact Gene Lantz

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