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Dreaded Election Is Here!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing
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Retiree leaders in Corpus Christi are receiving their vote-by-mail ballots! Other eligible Texans will be receiving them during the coming week. The door is swinging shut on the 2022 elections! 

At all levels, labor is working even harder to save American democracy. Our phone banking parties at 6:30PM on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1408 N Washington continue. We will rally downtown to push early voting on the morning of October 24. We will push vote-by-mail applications until the final day that they can be received, October 28. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans will hold a statewide on-line webinar at 6:30PM on October 6. Register here. Contact for the Dallas AFL-CIO and for Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. Get involved now!

Labor is Breaking Through

"Brother Solidarity," Tevita Uhutafe, was with the flight attendants

Transport Workers Union Local 556 received nationwide news coverage for their pickets at Southwest Airlines this week. Even the Dallas Morning News, which resists any favorable events for working families, ran a substantial article with photo. During the previous week, WFAA-TV, which is also affiliated with the local newspaper, briefly reported on a voter registration rally staged by the Dallas Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans.

 Labor enjoys great popularity today. We are the main hope for success on November 8. Even if, God forbid, we lose the election, labor is the main hope to withstand the consequences.


Sep 30, 7P: Abbott/O’Rourke debate on KDAF-TV Channel 33 and KERA radio 101.1

Oct 1, 2:30PM: Candidate Forum at IAM Local 776•7711 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108

Oct 3, 6:30P: (Every Monday and Wednesday) Labor’s phone banking party at 1408 N Washington. Contact

Oct 5, 12:30P: Dallas Chapter of TARA hybrid meeting at AFT Hall, Bishop & Centre in Oak Cliff. Everyone invited. Contact

Oct 5, 6:30P: (Every Monday and Wednesday) Labor’s phone banking party at 1408 N Washington. Contact

Oct 6, 6:30P: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans presents webinar on “Making Your Ballot Count” as senior Texans receive their vote-by-mail ballots

Oct 18, 9-11A: Congresswoman Johnson’s final prayer breakfast at Dallas Symphony. You can RSVP by Sept 23 by emailing your (First & Last Name) accompanied by your affiliated organization to

Oct 20: 11A: TARA election turnout picnic at Head’s Park in Carrollton. Contact

Oct 20, 7:30P: Dallas AFL-CIO delegates’ meeting at 1408 N Washington

Oct 22: Bonnie Mathias’ birthday

Oct 24: Trump Organization goes on trial in New York

Oct 28: Deadline to receive vote-by-mail applications for general election

Nov 8: General election