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"Fight of Our Lives!"

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
13 Aug, 2021
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“We are in the fight of our lives!” --Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy



At the Special Session Advocacy Training on July 12, the Texas AFL-CIO outlined several of the imminent dangers awaiting passage in the current Texas Legislature Special Session. Voter rights are the biggest issue, but not the only one. Rick Levy said that there is no way to predict when and where public actions will be needed. He called for Rapid Response Teams to be set up all over the state.  North Texans are encouraged to sign up for our Solidarity Brigade.

You Are Invited to Labor Day Breakfast

The Labor Day Committee of Dallas AFl-CIO reports good progress on our September 6th Labor Day Breakfast. There are still plenty of tables, individual tickets, brochure advertisements, and sponsorships available. More information on our web page.

Get your order in for tickets, advertisements, and sponsorships. Contact our Political Director, Mariah Warwick. For individual tickets or tables, we may use the convenient donation button.

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Aug 14: Anniversary of Social Security, 1935

Aug 16: Deadline for applications to Texas AFL-CIO Labor School

Aug 19, 7:30P: AFL-CIO Central Labor Council for all affiliated members

Aug 21: Anniversary of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion

Aug 21, 3P: SOAR Chapter meets at Steelworkers Hall

Sep 2, 7P: College of Complexes ZOOM free speech forum with labor speaker Gene Lantz Contact Tom Berry

Sep 5, 10A: Pathways UU ZOOM church service with labor speaker Gene Lantz. Contact Mary McMahon 

Sep 6, 8:30A: Dallas Labor Day Breakfast at Gilley's, 1135 Botham Jean Blvd in Dallas 

Sep 6, 11A: Dallas Democrats Labor Day Picnic at Ernie Roberts Park, 515 Pleasant Run Road, Desoto, TX, 75115 

Sep 6, 1P: Tarrant County Splash Dayzcelebration at water park, 405 N Las Vegas TR, White Settlement, 76108. 

Sep 28: National Voter Registration Day