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Fort Worth Musicians Are On Strike

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The musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra are on strike for a better contract. Management said they were bewildered when the membership turned down their offer in a democratic vote.


Local union President Stewart Williams and Executive Board member Paul Unger appeared on KNON's "Workers Beat" talk program on September 10. Callers showed support. One school bus driver said that his co-workers needed to follow the musicians' example. Another caller identified himself as a "right winger," but said that people of all political persuasions should support this strike. A caller from Louisiana said people in his state were following the events closely.


At 5 PM, the musicians and many supporters rallied at the Tarrant County Courthouse. Among the many speakers pledging support was National Musicians' President Ray Hair. Hair actually began with the Fort Worth Symphony. We chanted and marched our way down to the opulent Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth, where we picketed for some hours.

The musicians are courageously conducting a high profile labor action. It has already been covered in the New York Times. The strike is also very winnable, because management cannot simply hire a few scabs and then pretend to produce quality music. Every working person owes it to ourselves to get behind them!

They have an on-line donation site.

--Gene Lantz, Press Secretary