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How to Win: Solidarity!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
22 Oct, 2021
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The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council held a ZOOM meeting on the third Thursday, October 21. President Ray Oliver Edmondson guided the delegates through four important motions:

* Carrying out voter registration activities

* Endorsing Brandon Murden for Mesquite City Council District 6  

* Supporting the Medicare for All Resolution

* Supporting the Labor in the Philippines Resolution


 Nap Pempena explained the troubling human rights situation in the Philippine Islands. Delegates were together on all votes.

How to Win: Solidarity!

National news is full of strike actions and new victories in contract battles. Ed Sills of the Texas AFL-CIO wrote about a small victory for our own  Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1338. It shows how a few people can make a very big difference.

Listeners to the “Workers Beat” radio talk show on KNON have heard one single voice of solidarity several times. Joshua Hatton of Denton builds support for the “No Bus Cuts” coalition that is fighting against privatization. Hatton is pictured at left with solidarity friends Jerrell Miller (CWA), George Rangel (AFT), and Marc Veasey (U.S. Congress).


The most recent battle was to remove a former mayor from the Denton County Transportation Authority. Hatton was the only speaker for the union’s position at the last public meeting, but he made his point, and the change was made!

Here’s the best part: Joshua Hatton is not a member of ATU 1338. His union is the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA)! Solidarity wins!

Bad News Means Labor Matters More!

The Texas legislature finally finished four sessions. Most of the political news for working Texans was bad. So far, federal legislation has not been able to overcome what the Abbott gang did to voting rights here.

At the same time, we are seeing an inspiring upsurge in working people’s power. Our ability to organize and to support one another is what makes the difference and will determine our victory! Volunteer soldiers are needed in North Texas as labor’s battles heat up. Become a rapid responder with Dallas AFL-CIO by clicking here.

More Actions Coming Up

Oct 23, 10:30A: Relay for Voting arrives at National Capitol after traveling from Harper’s Ferry in W.VA

Oct 26, 1P: Texas AFL-CIO Executive Board meets in Austin

Oct 27: Texas AFL-CIO Golf Tournament at Cedar Hills Golf Club in Leander

Oct 28, 6P: Dallas School Board meeting at 5151 Samuell Blvd. Alliance AFT asks supporters to wear red shirts. They can sign up to speak on a “non-agenda” item by calling 972-925-3720

Dec 3: next possible government shutdown