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Join the Fight

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
19 Mar, 2021
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If you want to fight for democracy, join labor’s voter turnout effort. Volunteer now at Labor does not preach to voters, we organize them! The better our turnout for the May 1 elections, the better we defeat voter suppression in Texas!

“We are witnessing right now an unabashed assault on voting rights unlike anything we have ever seen since the Jim Crow era.”

                      --Rev Ralph Warnock on the Senate Floor.

Activists choose how they will deploy their own time and resources, but the best and longest-lasting effect comes from backing working families. Here is linked information for those seeking more information on labor’s endorsed city council candidates: 


Labor Council Buzzes with Action

The March 18 meeting of the Dallas AFL-CIO centered on the upcoming city council elections, but a great deal more is going on. The school employees reported on a very successful car caravan and a “day of action” just concluded before our meeting. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans reported on their ongoing fight for health care and voting democracy. State workers are planning big actions locally. Federal employees from different locals reported on their struggles to overcome Trump-era union busting. Organizing drives and support for organizing drives were reported.

Major efforts to pass national legislation, especially the Protect the Right to Organize (Pro) Act, were projected. State efforts to pass good legislation and block bad legislation are ongoing. Local activists are speaking out for vaccinating essential workers.

Labor is on the move!

More Actions Coming Up

Mar 19, 6P: Labor Action Group mobilizes to back labor. Contact

Mar 20, 1P: Rally in support of Amazon workers at 1301 Chalk Hill Rd, Dallas 

Mar 21, 7P: Rally against racism at the Grassy Knoll, 400 Elm.

Mar 22, 5PM (and every Monday): Texas AFL-CIO report on our Facebook Page. Special this week on Women’s History.

Mar 25: First training for election activists. Volunteer here 

Apr 1: Last day to register to vote for the May 1 local elections. Around this time, seniors and other qualified voters will begin voting by mail for the May 1 local elections

Apr 2, 2:15P: Annual Good Friday march downtown

Apr 7, 11A: TSEU “Lobby Day” car Caravan starting at the DFPS office on Sanford in Arlington. Contact Michele Goodwin 

Apr 8: National AFL-CIO day of action on PRO Act

Apr 16: Texas New Era Jobs Fair. Contact Jason Tomlinson

Apr 19, 10A: Rally for first day of early voting at the County Courthouse, 600 Commerce in downtown Dallas. Contact Earnest Tilley

Apr 20: Last day to apply for ballot by mail for May 1 local elections

Apr 24: Texas New Era Job Fair

May 1: Election day; International Workers Day

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