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Keep It Up! We're Winning!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
23 Jul, 2021
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Union supporters are placing their orders for sponsorships, advertisements, and tickets for what is expected to be the biggest and best Dallas Labor Day Breakfast in history. We expect to continue record-breaking attendance, news coverage, and amazing speakers.


Everyone who wants working people to succeed is getting on board now!

Fight for the Right to Organize!

Advocates for working families have doubled down on pressing for the Protect-the-Right=to-Organize (PRO) Act. It was passed by the House of Representatives but held up in the Senate. Our campaign is both on-line and physical. Campaign Directors Mariah Warwick of Dallas County and Angi DeFelippo of Tarrant led delegations to offices of both Texas senators this week.


Jim Crow is Losing!

Every rally, every march, every picket, every email, and every social media post in favor of the right to vote is eroding away whatever support the anti-voters in Austin may have had. As this is written, North Texas activists are on another in a succession of buses to Austin to rally for voter rights. North Texas members of the Alliance for Retired Americans went on July 19th and June 20th. The Texas AFL-CIO and many of the progressive organizations of the state are coordinating on-line and “in real life” activities.

The Texas political leaders who escaped from the legislature in order to stymie the anti-democratic effort are international celebrities! They gained time for more and more support to build for democracy and against the return of racist Jim Crow laws. Working families are winning! Keep up the fight!

More Actions Coming Up

Jul 24, 9AM: Car caravan commemorating death of Santos Rodriguez leaves from Pikes Park and goes to Oakland Cemetery

Jul 24, 11A: Rally in Support of QuoremBusters at MLK Center

Jul 26: Congress is expected to vote again on whether or not to discuss an infrastructure bill

Jul 27: Begin 4-day march from Georgetown to Austin for voter rights. Contact Poor People’s Campaign 

Jul 27, 10:30A: UAW Area Retiree Council at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie. Contact Gene Lantz

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention 

Jul 28 & 29: CWA members and retirees call voters in Arizona, Alaska, and Virginia to ask them to urge their Senators to do the right thing and get the PRO Act passed

July 30: Medicare 56th anniversary

Aug 4-6: LCLAA National Convention in Las Vegas

Aug 14: Social Security 86th anniversary

Sep 6, 8:30A: Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast

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