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Kicking A** for the Working Cla**!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
14 May, 2021
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Robin Johnson Is Dialer Number One!


A growing number of activists are boosting our labor movement by activating union members to vote. Top among them is Robin Johnson of the Communication Workers of America. She holds the record for the most appearances at phone banking events AND the most total calls made. She is pictured with one token of labor's esteem at our first "in real life" phone banking of the year. Most of our work is done at home.

Labor activists aren't just affecting the elections and the future of our area when they participate. We are building a labor movement for a better world! Contact and help!

Low Turnout Adds to Your Importance!

The May 1 election turnout in Dallas was less than 1/5 of the turnout last November. That means that every vote for the June 5 runoff counts 5 times as much! Seniors and other eligible voters are expected to start receiving their mail-in ballots by May 17. Check your status at

Broader Battles Continue

Labor has begun acknowledging victories and defeats in the State Legislature, but the fight isn't over. Write to for daily updates. The national priority is the Protect-the-Right-to-Organize (PRO) Act. Dallas will add a postcard program to our pressure campaign on Congress. National AFL-CIO is getting ready for its Southwestern District Convention on June 15. Union members should register now!

Everybody Can Help

Organized labor is the core of the progressive movement. All individuals, union members or not, can and should pitch in. Labor's constituency groups work on specific parts of America's progressive program. The Labor Committee for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)is one outstanding example. It addresses immigration, language training, citizenship assistance, and other key issues facing working families today. Check it out!

More Actions Coming Up

May 17, (and every Monday) 5P: Texas AFL-CIO “Live at Five” on our Facebook Page 

May 18, (and every Tuesday and Thursday) 6P: Phone banking and training with Political Director Mariah Warwick

May 20, 7:30P: AFL-CIO Central Labor Council for all affiliated union members

May 24 - May 27 8 am – 5 pm: First day of early voting. Vote anywhere you can find open

May 28,7–7: Early Vote

May 29 8 – 5 : Early vote

May 30 1  – 6: Early vote

May 31 (Memorial Day) Polls are Closed

June 1 (Tuesday) 7 – 7 : Early vote

Jun 5: Runoff elections

Jun 15: Southwest regional AFL-CIO meeting held virtually

Jun 19 (tentative): Rally against privatization in Denton. Contact Joshua Hatton

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention

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