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Labor Advances

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
16 Jul, 2021
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Tech-savvy Brother Travis Cantwell guided the Dallas AFL-CIO through a well-attended “hybrid” meeting July 15 with some participants on-line and others physically present. The delegates planned for success on Labor Day, political goals, and solidarity with working families.


Principal officer Lewis Fulbright is ready to accept requests for Labor Day sponsorships, brochure advertisements,  tables, and individual tickets. Top sponsorships are $5,000, ads at $500, tables for 10 are $400, and individual tickets are $45. We expect at least 600 at our traditional breakfast, but we could go much higher at the new venue, Gilley’s at 1135 Botham Jean Blvd. Everything about the event will be bigger and better than all our previous successful Labor Day Breakfasts! Checks go to 1408 N Washington#240, Dallas, TX 75204. Lewis Fulbright is ready for your inquiries. 

Sister Mariah Warwick is our key to labor success in the political realm. She urges everyone to direct emails and phone calls to political representatives. Issues include the right to organize, voters rights, and broadband access.

 Warwick is organizing people to visit the offices of our two Texas Senators. Along with the Tarrant County Labor Council, we plan to send activists on a bus to Austin to stand up for voter rights on July 23.

A hot topic for discussion among delegates on July 15 was the opportunity for people to get good union jobs. The need for construction and airline workers was brought up several times. School employees are trying to get all children back on their educational tracks. As always, the Dallas AFL-CIO and our allies fight for decent wages and job benefits for everyone.

A great deal more information and calls for action are on the national and state AFL-CIO web sites.

More Actions Coming Up

Jul 17-24: AFL-CIO Week of Action for PRO Act

 Jul 19, 5A: "Texas Impact" buses leave for Statewide lobby day for voter rights in Austin. Contact Judy Bryant 

Jul 21, Noon: PRO Act materials delivered to Senator Cornyn's office, 5001 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas 75244. Contact Mariah Warwick

Jul 21: Transport Workers Union is hosting a Digital Day of Action to tell all Senators to pass the PRO Act

Jul 22, Noon: PRO Aact materials delivered to Senator Cruz's office, 3626 N. Hall St Ste. 410Dallas, TX 75219. Contact Mariah Warwick

Jul 27, 10:30A: UAW Area Retiree Council at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie. Contact Gene Lantz

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention. It will include a special caucus for Young Active Labor Leaders

July 30: Medicare 56th anniversary

Aug 4-6: LCLAA National Convention in Las Vegas

Aug 14: Social Security 86th anniversary

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