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Labor Closes In On Victory

gene lantz, digital organizing committee
24 May, 2019
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If you are on the side of working families, lend a hand in winning the Dallas runoff election. Political Director Lorraine Montemayor can find important work for you. Email Lorraine or call her at 214-448-1557

Early voting begins Tuesday, May 28. Working families have a giant stake in the Dallas runoff. Labor is straining for success. Mobilize at 10AM Saturday, May 25, at 1408 N Washington.

National McDonalds Strike Begins in Dallas


The Fight for $15 Facebook page reports that fast food workers at McDonalds began striking on May 23. Along with an active chapter in Houston, activists from around the country flew into Dallas to protest the company’s shareholder meeting at DFW early that morning. They received a pledge of solidarity by video from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Low wages are not the only issue motivating McDonalds protesters. The company has also been accused of chauvinism and animal cruelty. 

Organize On-Line for Victory

For the first time in history, working families have the ability to organize almost instantly to meet every crisis and take advantage of every opportunity. Digital tools make it possible. Your Dallas AFL-CIO can and will organize every willing person in our area to accomplish our mutual goals. To do that, we are sharpening our digital skills. Experts from national and state AFL-CIO are coming to help.

We already have digital abilities that go far beyond sharing information. We can sign up new activists, run letter campaigns, run calling campaigns, run petitions, pinpoint activities, organize unions, and greatly enhance political campaigns. The more people we have, the more victories we can win for the progressive movement. Please get involved. Like Dallas AFL-CIO on Facebook. Follow Dallas Labor on Twitter (@dallasaflcio), bookmark labor's web page.  Ask your friends to sign up as labor activists and join labor’s digital march forward!

Allred and Veasey Will Hold Meeting

 Two of the best pro-labor congresspersons are holding a Town Hall meeting at 6PM May 28 at North Dallas High School. Please RSVP and submit your questions for Rep. Allred and Rep. Veasey.



More Actions Coming up

May 25, 10A: Get-Out-The-Vote mobilization from 1408 N Washington.  Email Lorraine or call her at 214-448-1557

May 25, Noon: Rally to stop the Abortion Bans at 2012 Woodall Rogers Fwy, Dallas 75201

May 27, 6-8P: Yard Signs mobilization from 1408 N Washington

May 27: Jane Elkins Day. First woman officially hanged in Texas, 1853

May 28-Jun 1, 8A-5P: Early voting for runoff election

May 28, 6-7:30P: Town Hall meeting with congressmen Marc Veasey and Colin Allred at North Dallas High School, 3120 N Haskell Av, Dallas 75204. Free. Please RSVP and submit your questions for Rep. Allred and Rep. Veasey

May 29, 8:15 AM: Environmentalists protest Exxon Shareholders Meeting at Renaissance Hotel, 2525 Market Center Blvd in Dallas. Info:

May 30, 6-8P: Get-Out-The-Vote mobilizing from 1408 N Washington

May 30, 7P: Southern Sector Rising dinner. Contact Bonnie Mathias

Jun 1, 10A-4:30P: Get-Out-The-Vote mobilizing from 1408 N Washington

Jun 12, 7P: #MedicareForAll Dallas Organizing Kickoff at BuzzBrews Kitchen, 4334 Lemmon Av, Dallas 75219.