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Labor Rises!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing
24 Jun, 2022
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Dallas labor showed its muscle at the Dallas School Board meeting on June 23.

Turnout was good at the DISD Board meeting

Young Active Labor Leaders are leading the way in solidarity. Their statewide meeting is building strong. Leader Angi DeFelippo writes, “This year we are focusing on showing young workers how to ‘AGITATE. EDUCATE. MOBILIZE!’ We will also have breakout sessions focused on building strength in trade unions.” 

Register for the Young Workers Summit today!

YALL members have been outstanding in supporting Starbucks employees who want to organize. Rosie Curts, a leader of YALL and a delegate to the Dallas AFL-CIO, asks everybody to drop by the Mockingbird Station Starbucks, 5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, on Saturday to encourage them further. So far, three Texas stores have won their union elections and several more are underway. Employees at a store in New Braunfels sent an excellent letter to top management. 

Solidarity isn’t limited to young people. Leslie Cunningham, a member of the Texas State Employees Union, and the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, had a great solidarity letter published in the Dallas paper.

Republicans Make It Clear

Today, Republican-appointed members of the Supreme Court overturned legal protection for women’s rights to abortion. Earlier in the week, they favored using taxpayer money for religious education. Texas Republicans created a platform that includes leaving the United Nations, seceding from the United States, repealing the Voting Rights Act, and removing civil rights protections from gay Americans.

Most importantly, Republicans re-affirmed their position on overturning the legitimate 2020 presidential election. If Republicans gain power in November, they will imperil democracy by overturning any future elections that they do not win!

Organizers Needed

Labor and labor-related organizations are the barrier to reaction and the key to progress. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans has a new computer program that can train and assign new organizers in minutes. Contact President Gene Lantz at 214-942-4236.


Jun 25, 9A-12P: Dallas County hiring event at 8401 S Polk, 75232

Jun 25, 10A: “Rising Together Rally” by Dallas Democrats at Main Street Garden, 1902 Main in Dallas

Jun 25, 7P: YALL DFW movie “Pride” at 7650 Pebble Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76118-6959

Jun 26, 5P: BBQ Fundraiser for Dee Dee Hall at Eloise Bundy Recreation Center, 1213 Reverend CBT Smith

Jul 6, 12:30: Dallas Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans plans a picnic at Kidd Springs Park. Contact Judy 214-729-0063

Jul 7, 6PM: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans presents a webinar on how teachers and other public employees can improve their Social Security income by understanding WEP/GPO. Register here

Jul 14-16: Texas Democratic Party convention at Dallas Convention Center. Join the labor & retiree caucus.

Jul 22-24: Young Active Labor Leaders statewide meeting

Sep 9-10: Women's Summit

Sep 20: National Voter Registration Day

Oct 28: Deadline to receive vote-by-mail applications for general election

Nov 8: General election