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Labor Is In Runoff Battle

gene lantz, digital organizing committee
17 May, 2019
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The May 16 Dallas AFL-CIO meeting committed to winning the runoff candidates we had already endorsed: 

Scott Griggs for Mayor of Dallas

Phillip T. Kingston for City Council District 14

Erin Moore for City Council District 9

We added our endorsement to Carolyn King Arnold In District 4. We made a dual endorsement to Adam Bazaldua and Tiffinni A. Young in District 7.

All our endorsements are on our web site

All affiliated members and all of labor’s friends are asked to “follow” endorsed candidates on social media and to call and text their friends with good election information.

Political Director Lorraine Montemayor has set a good many special dates and times for concerted election work, but she also says that she can find a way for anybody to help. Contact Montemayor at or 214-448-1557.

Interest is building in next year’s presidential race, but national AFL-CIO has directed that all affiliates avoid expressing preference for any of the many candidates until we are ready to act together. Our focus is on winning local races right now!


What’s Happening? Everything!

Our Digital Organizing Committee was the first to report. Experts are coming to Dallas on May 30. Volunteers will bring us up to the top standards so that digital organizing will boost every labor campaign.

Summer Lollie Summer reported that her Texas AFL-CIO team has knocked on 3,333 union doors in Texas Districts 92, 108, and 112 between April 15 and May 15. They are informing members about major issues in the Texas Legislature.

Lewis Fulbright reported on plans for Labor Day. We will have even more seats and tables at Eddie Deen’s restaurant than last year. Everybody should buy tickets earlier to avoid confusion. Travis Cantwell said that the Young Active Labor Leaders (YALL) will pitch in.

Maria "DJ" Garza spoke on the importance of our citizenship clinics. They are helping union members finish the elaborate process to win citizenship and voting status. Garza volunteered to visit area union locals to help candidates. Sister Juana Ramirez is raising money to help one of the citizenship candidates in her union.

There were several reports of anti-union efforts from the legislature and other state leaders. Craig Berendzen said that the Building Trades were fighting hard against SB621 because it would abolish the State Board of Plumbing Examiners.  

Kym Grant made a plea for everyone to help our sister, Jennifer Fulbright, in her race to become National Director of Retirees for the American Postal Workers Union.

Herb Keener took up a collection for our hospitalized sister Arnise Porter.

As part of our commitment to a better environment, the Council voted $250 for a table at a May 30 dinner benefitting Southern Sector Rising. Bonnie Mathias  said that she will get ten people to attend.

Face Up to Fascism

On May 14, Dallas AFL-CIO leader Mark York issued a statement against the Dallas visit of the anti-labor president of Brazil: “Welcoming Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to Dallas this week will revive the ‘City of Hate’ appellation that we have worked so long to overcome. After his opponents were jailed, the ‘Tropical Trump’ viciously attacked indigenous people, gays, and, especially, working families. Educators will be striking across Brazil on Wednesday because of Bolsonaro's 30% cuts. The Mayor of New York just rejected a Bolsonaro visit, and Dallas should do the same.”

Similar statements were issued by labor-backed city councilmen and newly-elected councilmen. The statements became part of international news coverage. 

More Actions Coming Up

 May 18,10A-1:30P and 1P-4:30P: Election mobilization from 1408 N Washington

May 19, 1P-5P: Election mobilization from 1408 N Washington

May 20, Noon: Ft Worth Alliance for Retired Americans meets at Golden Corral, 3517 Alta Mere Dr, 76116

May 21-22: AFL-CIO District Meeting in Phoenix. Register now.  

May 21, 6-8P: Get-Out-The-Vote phone banking from 1408 N Washington

May 23, 6-8P: Get-Out-The-Vote phone banking from 1408 N Washington

May 27, 6-8P: Yard Signs mobilization

May 28-Jun 1, 8A-5P: Early voting begins for runoff election

May 29, 8:15 AM: Environmentalists protest Exxon Shareholders Meeting at Renaissance Hotel, 2525 Market Center Blvd in Dallas. Info 

May 30, 6-8P: Get-Out-The-Vote phone banking from 1408 N Washington

May 30, 7P: Southern Sector Rising dinner. Contact Bonnie Mathias

Jun 1, 10A-4:30P: Get-Out-The-Vote Mobilizing from 1408 N Washington

Jun 8: Runoff Election Day

June 19, 11A-1P: “Barbecue and Politics” 2019 election update with Texas AFL-CIO and North Texas labor allies at IBEW Local 20, 684 W Tarrant Rd,Grand Prairie. RSVP: 

Jun 29, 10A-2P: Citizenship workshop at 1408 N Workshop

July 20, 9A-4P: “Troublemakers School” with Labor Notes Magazine at 1408. Register at Info or 718-284-4144 

Jul 25-27: Texas AFL-CIO Convention in San Antonio. Book hotel at

We win when we pull together