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Shudder! The Lege Is In Session!

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
09 Jul, 2021
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The first special Texas legislative session of 2021 is underway. It may last as long as 30 days. The Texas AFL-CIO is co-ordinating activities to defend our rights. Sign up here

Working people across the state are mobilizing to go to Austin to rally, lobby, and testify. Unionists from UNITE-HERE joined Black Voters Matter in a rally on July 8, the first day. People are driving their own cars, but North Texans have opportunities to get free or inexpensive rides: 

  • Poor People’s Campaign is organizing for July 12
  • Texas Impact, a coalition that includes many churches and the League of Women Voters, will hit the capitol on July 19. The organization has two options for travelers: go down on the 18th and stay in a free hotel room or leave early on the 19th for a day trip

At the Dallas meeting of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, activists voted to coordinate with Texas Impact for the 19th. It is also possible that the Dallas and Tarrant Central Labor Councils will organize transportation later on. 

The number one issue for working people is the attack on voter rights, but there are a number of other hot topics, including whether or not Texas schools will be allowed to teach the truth about race in American history. One bright glimmer of hope for working families is the possibility of an extra monthly check for retired educators. For working Texans and retirees, it’s worth the trip to Austin!

Communications Workers Reach Out

These are the links to youtube, Twitter and fb. This is our commercial for broadband For more information, contact

We Have A Right to Organize

Dallas is participating in a national petitioning campaign to get legislation favoring our right to organize. Since 1947, government has made it increasingly difficult for Americans to use their constitutional right to organize. We have to turn it around with the PRO (Protect the Right to Organize) Act. Please sign the petition.

More Actions Coming Up

Jul 12: Poor People's Campaign target date for Austin

Jul 15, 7:30P: Dallas AFL-CIO meeting for all affiliated members. Contact

Jul 19: Statewide lobby day for voter rights in Austin

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention

July 30: Medicare 56th anniversary

Aug 4-6: LCLAA National Convention in Las Vegas

Aug 14: Social Security 86th anniversary

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