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"Striketober" Solidarity Swells

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
15 Oct, 2021
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“Solidarity Brother” Tevita Uhatafe was interviewed on national television as he visited yet another American picket line. He told NBC News, “We’re fighting for everybody.” Tevita is a member of our labor council and Transport Workers Union Local 513. On the weekly labor podcasters meeting, Tevita was referred to as "That guy who shows up at every picket line."


This month is being renamed “Striketober” as more unions hit the streets, authorize strikes, or announce favorable contract settlements. Texans are not losing sight of our own locked-out refinery workers in Beaumont.

Political Solidarity Grows

 AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler stays in national news almost every day. On October 14, she told an on-line audience that there are 30 strikes underway, but political battles cannot be set aside. She said, “The same people who are attacking voting rights are attacking union rights.” 


Unions want the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act as well as the complete Build Back Better agenda. The AFL-CIO calls on everybody to call our senators at 833-465-7142.

Volunteer soldiers are needed in North Texas as labor’s battles heat up. Become a rapid responder with Dallas AFL-CIO by clicking here.


Oct 18: IATSE deadline to strike if no deal is reached. 

Oct 18-29: Early voting on Texas constitutional amendments

Oct 19: Locked-out Beaumont refinery workers vote on a contract offer from Exxon-Mobile

Oct 27: Texas AFL-CIO Golf Tournament at Cedar Hills Golf Club in Leander

Dec 3: next possible government shutdown