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Why Labor Has the Answer

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
03 Jun, 2021
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Dallas activists gather at 5PM tonight, June 3, at 1408 N Washington to help organize union members to win key City Council races. Everybody is invited and no special training is required. Phones and laptops will help.

Recent political developments underline the importance of organizing working families. A speaker at the Q-ANON convention in downtown Dallas drew a burst of applause when he said that America should have a military overthrow similar to Myanmar. Texas Republicans tried to pass an anti-voter bill that had secretly been beefed-up to be even worse than the one that had been discussed. The Governor of Texas just endorsed the opponent of the labor-endorsed candidate for Fort Worth Mayor.


Fight for Voter Rights

One of the best ways to fight for voter rights is to vote! An update on our previous efforts for Dallas labor’s endorsed candidates is on our web site.  Saturday is the voters’ last chance.

The Pandemic Threatens

Dallas activists will be at the German Embassy, 17130 Dallas Parkway, at 6PM Sunday, June 6, to push for international accessto vaccines. The pandemic is hitting the richest countries less, but it is still raging in most of the world. None of us are safe until all of us are safe.

Texas Fair Trade spokesman Bob Cash says that the Biden Administration and 100-plus countries are standing with us for a coordinated global program, but Germany and politically powerful pharmaceutical companies are not. Please wear masks and respect social distancing.

Solidarity with Lockout Victims

North Texans can stand with the locked-out refinery workers from Beaumont by contacting Steelworker Organizer Lawrence Castillo. Cash donations can be made on-line. Checks go to USW LU 13-243 / Karla Konning, Treasurer / 2490 S. 11th Street / Beaumont, TX 77701. They are collecting materials for the families.


Sign up to join the Solidarity Brigade.

More Actions Coming Up

Jun 3, 5P: Happy Hour phone banking and training with

Jun 4, 4:30P: Palestinian youth picket Raytheon at 1717 E Cityline Dr, Richardson

Jun 5: Runoff elections

Jun 6, 6P: “Dallas Stands for Access to COVID Vaccines,” 17130 Dallas Parkway 

Jun 12, 5P: "Red, Black, Green  Climate Change Conference" at Pan African Connection Book Store, 4466 S. Marsalis Ave, Dallas

Jun 15: Southwest Regional AFL-CIO meeting held virtually

Jun 19 (tentative): Rally against privatization in Denton. Contact Joshua Hatton

Jul 27-28: Virtual Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention

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