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Why Labor Leads

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
09 Aug, 2019
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North Texas working families are getting ready for a major union action on Tuesday, August 13. Why are so many organizations and individuals getting involved?


As attacks against working families from employers, national politicians, and state politicians become more frequent and more vicious, our only hope is to organize. Those who hope to fight back as individuals or in small groups are condemned to go on losing.

The Dallas AFL-CIO will proudly join the broad coalition supporting the airline catering employees of Sky Chef as they fight for $15/hour wages and dignity on the job. On Tuesday, Dallas supporters will gather at 1408 N Washington at 6 AM for a quick breakfast and a bus ride to the palatial new headquarters of American Airlines. We will join supporters from all over the nation. Get on the winning side by clicking here:

The main gathering of Dallas-area labor and progressives is approaching fast. The Labor Day Breakfast begins at 8:30 AM on September 2 at Eddie Deen Ranch, 944 S Lamar Street. Get tickets and make arrangements with Jason Tomlinson at 214-826-4808.

Labor Leads in Flurry of Actions

On August 7, the Dallas AFL-CIO and a broad progressive coalition celebrated the beginning of paid sick leave for about 300,000 workers in the city.


Workers from the Environmental Protection Agency led a coalition in a downtown demonstration August 8th for democracy and the right to organize. If we can’t organize, we can’t win.

Supporters of the Sky Chef airline caterers carried out special actions on Highway 360 and at DFW on August 8.

Dallas-area retirees continued to grow their turnout at the regular 1st Wednesday meeting on August 7. The topic of most interest turned out to be “Medicare for All,” which became Texas labor’s official position at the convention in San Antonio at the end of July. On August 8, Louis Malfaro, widely known as the successful former leader of Texas educators, came to Grand Prairie to promote “Medicare for All.”

See labor’s Facebook Page and for more details, including photos and videos.

“Like us” while you’re there. Encourage everyone to sign up for Dallas labor information at 

Opponents Make Us Necessary

Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined the editors of the Dallas Morning News and other anti-worker organizations to oppose paid sick leave. The newspaper editors go so far as to cynically claim that they are acting in the interest of working families!

On August 7th, federal workers were kicked out of their union offices and forced to take severe restrictions on their ability to represent union members.

Arguments against “Medicare for All” are espoused daily in the corporate media. They cynically claim that Medicare is free and that private insurers would disappear. Neither is true.

More Actions Coming Up

Aug 10; 11A: Dallas Peace and Justice training on visiting political officeholders at 9125 Diceman Drive in Dallas

Aug 10, 6p: Kenneth Williams speaks on “Why Trump Must be Impeached” at Roma’s Pizza, 7033 Greenville Av in Dallas. 

Aug 11, 6P: Rally Against Racial Violence at Pike Park, 2807 Harry Hines Blvd, in Dallas

Aug 13, 7A: Buses depart from 1408 N Washington in Dallas for an action at American Airlines  new headquarters on behalf of Sky Chef employees. Sign up for action at

Aug 13, 6P: Dallas Town Hall with Congressman Veasey at 3212 N Winnetka Av. 214-741-1387

Aug 14: Anniversary of Social Security, 1935 

Aug 15, 6P: Ft Worth Town Hall with Congressman Veasey at 5901 Fitzhugh Av. 817-920-9086

Aug 15, 7:30P: Dallas Central Labor Council meeting for all affiliated members at 1408 N Washington. 214-826-4808

Aug 16, 4P: Representative Allred will meet with labor leaders. Contact Judith Tankel

Aug 24, 11:30A: Pre-Labor Day Bash with Texas State Employees Union at 737 S R.L. Thornton Fwy in Dallas. 

Aug 24, 6P: Gene Lantz speaks on “Solving the Crisis in America” at Roma’s Pizza, 7033 Greenville Av, Dallas 

Sep 2, 9AM: Labor Day Breakfast in Dallas at Eddie Deen’s Restaurant

Sep 2, 1-4PM: Tarrant County Labor Day Picnic at Legacy Park Pavilion, 701 NW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, 76006

We win when we pull together