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Why We Stand With Undocumented

Gene Lantz, Digital Organizing Committee
12 Jul, 2019
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Dallas AFL-CIO principal officer Mark York explains why citizens must stand with non-citizen workers:


"We can only win when we are together. The challenges today are greater than we have faced in our lifetimes, but we always win when we join together. We are helping workers obtain citizenship and we are standing with them when they are abused."

Lights for Liberty Calls Action to End Detention

A coalition of local activists with national ties asks for a big turnout tonight, July 12, at City Hall. Their Facebook post says, "We are demanding to close the camps! Closing the camps is to demand all detention centers be closed, children and ALL human beings to be released from cages, and reunited with their families. Closing the camps, is to demand our cities, counties and local police stop collaborating with ICE, and call for the abolishment of ICE and CBP."

They go on to say that the nation is shocked about the mistreatment of migrant families in detention camps. They demand our government, the current administration to stop abusing families migrating and the demand the closure of all American concentration camps —private or not, and at the southern border, points of entry, and all across the country.

Speakers will represent immigrants, Native Americans, and longtime civil rights leaders. They will be signing up activists for for training and future events.

Paid Sick Leave Explained

Mark York attended a session to explain the new paid sick leave ordinance that will soon go into effect in Dallas. The Dallas AFL-CIO wants to make sure that all workers are treated fairly. Questions can be directed to city officials at and carbon copied to

Sing with Labor!

The Dallas AFL-CIO and the "Workers Beat" program on KNON radio are commemorating Bastille Day and Woody Guthrie's birthday at 2 PM Sunday, July 14, at 1408 N Washington. People may make donations if they want to, but the event, including refreshments, is free.


Bastille Day began the French revolution against aristocratic rule. Woody Guthrie sang and wrote songs for the benefit of American working people. Working Americans have their own culture, but it has largely been swallowed in the culture created by and for our employers. Please come and be part of the difference!

AFL-CIO Meets on 3rd Thursdays

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is the hub of the progressive movement in our area. As always, we will take up local struggles and developments, election work, and the trends that affect the lives of working families. All members of affiliated unions are automatically invited to 1408 N Washington at 7:30PM on July 18.

More Actions Coming Up

jul 12, 7P: "Close the Camps" demonstration at City Hall, 1500 Marilla in downtown Dallas

Jul 14, 2P: Bastille Day and Woody Guthrie’s Birthday celebration at 1408 N Washington. Contact 214-942-4236

Jul 17: Fort Worth Alliance for Retired Americans meeting has been cancelled

Jul 18: International Nelson Mandela Day

Jul 18, 330P: UNITE HERE Local 23 airline catering workers will be holding informational pickets outside of Terminal D at DFW airport every Thursday (3:30-5:30pm) and Friday (1-3pm). #1Jobshouldbeenough. If you need help with transportation or have any questions, contact And to stay up-to-date on opportunities for solidarity, sign up here:

Jul 18, 7:30P: Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting for all affiliated members at 1408 N Washington

Jul 19, 1P: UNITE HERE Local 23 airline catering workers will be holding informational pickets outside of Terminal D at DFW airport

July 20, 9A-4P: “Troublemakers School” with Labor Notes Magazine at 1408. Register at Info or 718-284-4144

Jul 25-27: Texas AFL-CIO Convention in San Antonio. Book hotel at

We win when we pull together