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2024 Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention: Report of the Resolutions Committee

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The Resolutions Committee of the 2024 Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention met Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024, and recommended the following resolutions for delegate approval:


1) Demand that the United States Postal Service Properly Inform and Conduct Town Hall Meetings for the Public and Unions That Represent United States Postal Service Employees

  Resolved, the Texas AFL-CIO has demanded that the United States Postal Service properly inform City, Community and Union leaders who would be impacted by these consolidations of mail operations.

  Be it further resolved that the Texas AFL-CIO demand the United States Postal Service conduct an informative Town-Hall meeting with the opportunity for the public and union ability to ask and have questions answered by the United States Postal Service.


2) Stop the Kroger-Albertson Megamerger

    Resolved, that this body of the Texas AFL-CIO goes on record as supporting the UFCW and its allies in opposing the Kroger-Albertsons merger, which is a brazen attempt to increase corporate concentration and power at the expense of workers, consumers, farmers and small businesses, and

     Be It Further Resolved, that the Texas AFL-CIO shall encourage its members, by newsletter, website, or direct communication, to go to where they can easily make a public comment to the FTC in opposition to this merger.


3) Resolution in Support of The First Amendment

  Now, therefore be it resolved by the Texas AFL-CIO that we support age-appropriate books and literature be available to our students free of censorship by those claiming to know what is best for us and who are attempting to impose their politics or their religion upon us in direct violation of The Bill of Rights, and

  Be it further resolved that we support the teaching of our Nation’s and our State’s true history, warts and all, instead of the white-washed, sanitized version that reduces the contributions of women and people of color, those not considered the mainstream of our society but whose contributions helped build our communities, and

  Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be provided to the media in hopes that leaders will stand up to those who would erode our fundamental First Amendment rights on the altar of right-wing political correctness.


4) In Support of Pathways for Women to Enter Male-Dominated Occupations


  • The Texas AFL-CIO should urge all levels of government to Implement the Ten Necessary Components on Publicly Funded Infrastructure Projects as laid out by the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues,

  • The Texas AFL-CIO encourages Governmental entities at every level to negotiate legally enforceable, project-specific agreements when feasible (ie, community workforce agreements, project labor agreements, US employment plans) that promote workplace equity, including an enforceable quota for hiring women and people of color, and require contractors to include a recruitment and diversity plan and internal compliance systems to effectively enforce that employers hire women and people of color, 

  • The Texas AFL-CIO in cooperation with the AFL-CIO should urge President Biden to amend Executive Order 11246 to improve its enforcement by giving the awarding federal authority to order additional sanctions such as damages and civil monetary penalties; to require prime contractors to delay or withhold interim payments to subcontractors that don’t comply with EEO laws and giving OFCCP authority to access records at hiring halls and conduct & oversee Mega-Construction Projects, 

  • The Texas AFL-CIO in cooperation with the AFL-CIO should urge President Biden to establish a National Commission (similar to the Glass Ceiling Commission) with representation from government, labor (AFL-CIO, NABTU, CLUW), national women’s trade organizations (National Taskforce on Tradeswomen Issues, National Center for Women’s Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment), community groups, and employers to oversee the implementation of better policies and best practice recommendations, including higher female participation goals, equitable jobsites and classrooms, and compliance and enforcement, 

  • The Texas AFL-CIO in cooperation with the AFL-CIO should urge President Biden to establish an inter-agency Task Force on increasing Opportunities for Women and People of Color in Construction and Related Trades to coordinate implementation of the recommendations of the Commission throughout the federal government and re-establish the inter-agency Pay Equity Task Force. 

  • The Texas AFL-CIO should work with NABTU and the national AFL-CIO to help create diverse pipelines into the construction industry by setting clear recruitment and participation goals to increase the number of girls considering trades at a young age and by increasing funding for pre-apprenticeship programs. Nationally, women represent only 3.6% of construction apprenticeships.

  • The Texas AFL-CIO should work with NABTU and the national AFL-CIO to urge that pre-apprenticeship programs or apprenticeship readiness programs (ARPs) recruit directly from target communities and organizations that serve underrepresented populations, such as women and workers of color, and articulate directly into registered apprenticeship programs.

  • The Texas AFL-CIO should work with NABTU and the national AFL-CIO to urge Congressional leaders to increase funding for the Women in Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Occupations (WANTO) Program, and CLUW/AFL-CIO should help publicize the program and the grant opportunities available within their communities,

  • The Texas AFL-CIO should work with NABTU and the national AFL-CIO to urge legislators at all levels of government to increase access to funding for work-enabling supports such as child care and transportation to better enable women to access the industry and establish funding for professional support groups.


5) Resolution for a TX AFL-CIO ‘Day of Solidarity May 1,  2028’

 NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, delegates at the 2024 Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention hear and acknowledge the UAW call for solidarity and labor action and direct the Texas AFL-CIO to prepare to act in the event that the  labor movement takes united action in response;

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the Texas AFL-CIO shall monitor plans for a National Day of Action on May 1, 2028 and, in coordination with the national AFL-CIO and our affiliates, seek to advance the goals of the labor movement  at large with regard to the event; and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the Texas AFL-CIO shall work in solidarity with the national AFL-CIO and other state federations on how best to plan for the May Day event.


6) In Support of Flight Attendants Worldwide Day of Action 2/13/24 

  THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Texas AFL-CIO pledge its support to United flight attendants, as well as Southwest flight attendants represented by TWU and American flight attendants represented by APFA, in their efforts to secure just and fair contracts for their union members, 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Texas AFL-CIO will lend its support and resources to help promote the Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action on Tuesday, 2/13/24, encouraging its members in a show of solidarity to participate in the following actions located throughout Texas: 

IAH Worldwide Solidarity Picket: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM • George Bush Intercontinental Airport•2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032 US 

HOU Worldwide Solidarity Picket: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM • William P. Hobby Airport•7800 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061 US 

AUS Worldwide Solidarity Picket: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport•3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719 US 

DAL Worldwide Solidarity Picket - EXACT TIME TBD; Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM • Dallas Love Field•8008 Herb Kelleher Way, Dallas, TX 75235 US 

DFW Worldwide Solidarity Picket: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - Terminal D•2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX 75261 US 


7) ‘Buy American’ Resolution

Affirming the commitment of the Texas AFL-CIO to directing more of Texas’ public procurement funds to the purchase of materials, goods and services for public projects from companies that produce within the United States, thus employing the very workers whose taxes support the U.S. economy.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Texas AFL-CIO will work to maximize the creation of American jobs by ensuring Texas’ Buy America preferences are properly implemented, and are expanded to cover new state programs established to meet the challenges of the 21st century economy; 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the Texas AFL-CIO seeks to have public officials commit to purchasing only products and services that are made or performed in the United States of America whenever and wherever possible with any funds provided by Texan taxpayers; AND

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, as the Texas AFL-CIO, we seek to have our public officials commit to publish any requests to waive these procurement priorities so as to give American workers and producers the opportunity to identify and provide the American products and services that will maximize the success of our nation’s economy.


8) Resolution Demanding Union Jobs in the Texas Hydrogen Economy


  1. urges HyVelocity to immediately resolve its differences with Texas labor organizations by committing to binding community workforce agreements; labor peace agreements with card check and neutrality; and ensuring a just transition for unionized fossil fuel workers impacted by the transition to clean hydrogen; and
  2. urges the Department of Energy, and all Texas policymakers at the state and local level, to hold HyVelocity accountable to union concerns, and to prioritize the voice of Texas labor organizations in decisions central to the transition toward clean hydrogen fuels.


9) Support for President Biden’s Worker Centered Fair Trade Policy

  Therefore Be It Resolved, the Texas AFL-CIO joins the national AFL-CIO in support of the Presidential Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally (

  Be It Further Resolved, the Texas AFL-CIO strongly supports President Biden’s pro-worker fair trade policies, including “digital trade” reform, and will contact and encourage the Texas Congressional Delegation to do the same. 


10) Resolution for Peace and Justice in the Middle East Conflict

[At the request of the Resolutions Committee, this resolution has been printed in full and distributed separately.]

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Texas AFL-CIO urges the National AFL-CIO Executive Board to adopt the following position:

  1. Understand that this is an issue of importance to union members across the state of Texas, including members working in the conflict zone;
  2. Support fundamental principles of human rights and express its immense sorrow over the loss of innocent lives and the suffering endured by civilians in Gaza, Israel, and the broader region;
  3. Stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and Palestine, who are suffering from the violence and hostilities; and call for an immediate and mutual cessation of violence in order to engage in a bilaterally negotiated cease-fire to support long-term peace and prioritization for protection of civilian lives 
  4. Call for the immediate release of all hostages and non-violent political prisoners;
  5. Urge the international community, including the United States, to condemn all acts of terrorism and all war crimes and actively engage in diplomatic efforts to remove from power and bring to justice through criminal prosecution those who perpetrated the October 7 massacre and those who have committed war crimes in the current conflict;
  6. Support equality and self-determination for both the Israeli and Palestinian people;
  7. Call on the U.S. to facilitate direct negotiations that result in an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, two states for two peoples, and a just resolution of the conflict consistent with UN resolutions and international law;
  8. Recognize the humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis and condemn all acts of antisemitism and Islamophobia;
  9. Commit itself to raising awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian issue and fostering dialogue and understanding among our members.

11)  Opposing State Takeover of Public School Districts


  The Texas AFL-CIO will use every means to mitigate the effects of the State Takeover of Houston ISD and other public ISDs.

  The Texas AFL-CIO will seek to have public officials commit to protecting and restoring democratic control of public school districts and be evaluated on their commitment.

  The Texas AFL-CIO will prioritize legislation in the 2025 session to repeal or modify the laws allowing state takeovers of public-school districts.


Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Faulk (AFGE), Chair; Hany Khalil (Gulf Coast ALF), Co-Chair; Belinda Aguilar (CWA); David Albert (ACC/AFT); Jackie Anderson (Texas AFT); Calvin Brisker (IBEW); Traci Dunlap (Texas AFT); Oliver Ray Edmonson (UAW); Katherine Garcia (CWA); Brian Golden (TWU); Matt Gonzalez (LIUNA); Renda Hobbs-Marsh (TWU); Amethyst James (HOPE); Drew Kennedy (TWU); Linda Morales (Gulf Coast ALF); Wayne Lord (UA); Brenda Moore (ATU); Jeff Ormsby (AFSCME); Carlos Rodriguez (NALC); Mike Russo (SIU); Jeanne Schulze (AFGE); Paul Thompson (El Paso CLU); Marcos Velez (USW); and Mark Young (USW).