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Faith and Labor Movements Are Bridging Trump’s Racial Divide With Hope and Love

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Richard Trumka
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This election year, America faces interlocking crises—a global health crisis, economic collapse, and systemic racism. Even as we live in fear of disease and economic ruin, we have had to watch the on-camera murders of unarmed Black people by officers who have sworn to protect and serve us. So many of us have stood outside nursing homes and hospitals as our loved ones died inside, alone. In response, we are struggling with despair and asking, Dare we hope for profound change in our public life? We are two people of faith, and we have done our best in our lives to serve poor and working people. We come from very different places and experiences, but at this moment we come together to lift up in place of the division and fear that President Trump offers a different vision—of hope and of love.

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