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Levy, Aguilar Reelected to Top Offices of Texas AFL-CIO, Vow More Innovations in Rising Texas Labor Movement

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Aug. 2, 2023

News Release

Contact: Ed Sills, Director of Communications

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Levy, Aguilar Reelected to Top Offices of Texas AFL-CIO,

Vow More Innovations in Rising Texas Labor Movement


  Delegates to the 2023 Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention today reelected Rick Levy as President and Leonard Aguilar as Secretary-Treasurer by acclamation to four-year terms, with both officers vowing to expand the voice and power of the labor movement in Texas.


  “It is a singular honor to have the support of hundreds of delegates representing the 240,000 affiliated union members that make up the Texas AFL-CIO,” Levy said. “And it is a joy to work in partnership with Leonard Aguilar, who gets the urgency of the moment and is unafraid to take on new and difficult tasks to get working families to their goals.”


  “Our movement is building solidarity and power so we can change Texas and, in doing so, change the world. All working people deserve a voice in their livelihoods, and no institution on the face of the Earth is more effective in building that voice than the union movement. I vow to do everything in my power to build on a Texas labor movement that is making a difference.”


  Aguilar was first elected by the Texas AFL-CIO Executive Board to fill a vacancy in the position, so today’s vote marks the beginning of his first full term. He thanked delegates for the confidence they have expressed in his work to date.


  “Working alongside Rick Levy to build the labor movement with the full support of union members across the state is an honor I never could have imagined,” Aguilar said. “Union members have deep and challenging work to do in Texas and I will do my part to build a bigger, broader, bolder labor movement that lifts up all workers.”


  The state labor federation’s 64th convention in Round Rock is working on new initiatives in union organizing and mobilization, assistance to immigrant workers, and climate jobs, building on the Texas AFL-CIO’’s core operations in the legislative and political arenas.


   The convention concludes tomorrow.




  The Texas AFL-CIO is the state labor federation consisting of 240,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working people in Texas.