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Poll: 64 Percent of Texans Say Unions Good for Workers

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‘The People in Texas Are Way Ahead of the Politicians’


  Nearly two-thirds of Texans believe labor unions are good for working people, a recent poll found.

  In a little-discussed poll released shortly before end-of-year holidays, the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas found that 64 percent of Texans think unions are good for workers, as against just 19 percent who think they are bad. 

  The polling also shows that Texans believe unions are good for consumers, for businesses and for the State of Texas. The support is bipartisan, with Republicans and “conservatives” also positive toward unions. Overall labor union favorability was 43-29 percent, with others on the fence or carrying no opinion. 

  “This poll is powerful evidence that the people in Texas are way ahead of the politicians,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “We are fed the line that Texas is an anti-union state, but the data show that is false, and that working Texans are solidly pro-union.” 

  “So while political leaders in our state downplay and often attack unions, more and more working people are taking matters into their own hands and demanding a fair shot of the economic pie.  People understand this powerful yet simple truth: Life for Texans is better in a union.  No wonder so many Texans are taking unprecedented steps to organize so they, too, can enjoy the benefits, the dignity and the power that come with a union contract.”

  The Texas Politics Project poll may be found here:

  Texans who are interested in organizing in their workplace can get in touch with a union organizer through this Texas AFL-CIO link:

  Save the Dates: The Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention, which will showcase union political organizing in Texas, is set for Sunday, Jan. 28th and Monday, Jan. 29th, in Austin. Details ahead.

  The Texas AFL-CIO is the state labor federation consisting of 240,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working families in Texas.