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The proposed “bathroom bill,” SB 6, “would stigmatize vulnerable Texans and threaten our jobs and our economy for the sake of political grandstanding,” Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick said today.

“With no foundation in reality, bills like SB 6 manufacture high-profile fights that bury the real priorities of our state in a pile of narrow ideological mandates,” Patrick said. “Instead of focusing on good jobs, education, the safety of our children, health care and a crumbling infrastructure, SB 6 manufactures a crisis that does not exist.”

“The last thing this state needs is to duplicate the debacle we just witnessed in North Carolina, which hurt its reputation, built discord that may last a generation, and turned away hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and other benefits so state leaders could wrest power from local communities and substitute their own beliefs.”

 “A founding principle of the labor movement applies here: An injury to one is an injury to all. The people of Texas are better than this.”