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Texas AFL-CIO Lauds Retiring Rep. Garnet Coleman

Ed Sills
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 Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar posted this statement on today’s retirement announcement by State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston:
“The Texas AFL-CIO salutes Garnet Coleman on his retirement announcement after three decades in the Texas House. Garnet’s extraordinary accomplishments and worthy aspirations for our state serve as a model to all working families. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.” “On labor matters, the only thing the Texas AFL-CIO ever had to ask of Garnet Coleman was to be Garnet Coleman. What makes Garnet even more special to working families was his laser-focus on the toughest institutional problems in our society. Working poor families, Texans with physical and mental health issues, neglected children, and any victim of injustice always had a champion in Garnet Coleman.” “Garnet leaves a towering legacy on Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, mental health legislation, and, as a nationally respected contributor, the Affordable Care Act. He fought valiantly in the toughest environment to steer our nation and state’s bounty and array our highest ideals toward every single Texan. We will miss Garnet Coleman’s acumen and outsized heart in the Texas House. We wish him all the best as he moves to the next chapter.”
 The Texas AFL-CIO is the state labor federation consisting of 240,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working families in Texas.