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Texas AFL-CIO: Su ‘Perfect Choice’ for Labor Secretary

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Contacts: Rick Levy,
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Texas AFL-CIO: Su ‘Perfect Choice’ for Labor Secretary

‘Like Walsh, Su Understands Texas Unions Are on the Move’

  The Texas AFL-CIO today celebrated President Biden’s appointment of Julie Su as the next U.S. Labor Secretary — doing so alongside Su and current Labor Secretary Marty Walsh at events in Houston.

  Walsh and Su, currently his Deputy, were in Texas to promote registered union apprenticeships and union climate jobs, meeting with Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Aguilar and dozens of representatives from the Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation as the announcement came down.

  Levy and Aguilar posted this statement:

  “This is a banner day for working families in Texas and beyond.”

  “Julie Su is the perfect choice to succeed Marty Walsh as U.S. Labor Secretary. Her historic appointment will only burnish President Biden’s reputation as ‘the most pro-union President in history.’”

  “What’s more, we are honored the announcement was delivered as Su and Walsh were working to lift up the Texas labor movement in Houston. Like Marty Walsh, Julie Su understands Texas unions are building voice and power for working families against the toughest of odds. President Biden could not have chosen a more appropriate moment to launch the confirmation process.”

  “We are in awe of Su’s accomplishments and preparation for this singularly important job. The MacArthur Foundation ‘genius’ delivered innovation after innovation as secretary for the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, battling labor scofflaws, promoting earn-while-you-learn registered union apprenticeships, envisioning jobs of tomorrow, and insisting on the full measure of workplace rights for all.”

  “Su’s portfolio as a nationally respected civil rights advocate underscores the historic nature of this appointment. We have no doubt her vision will lift the U.S. Department of Labor to new heights.”

  “We thank Marty Walsh, who has visited our state multiple times as Labor Secretary, for encouraging unions in Texas at every turn. And we welcome Walsh as a colleague in his next gig as Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association — a choice of jobs that only underscores his credibility as a hands-on advocate for labor unions.”

  The Texas AFL-CIO is the state labor federation consisting of 240,000 affiliated union members who advocate for working families in Texas.