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Texas AFL-CIO Welcomes Texas National Guard Troops To Texas Labor Movement as TSEU Members

Ed Sills
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  The Texas AFL-CIO today welcomed Texas National Guard troops who have taken the extraordinary step of joining the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU) as a way to speak up concerning unacceptable working conditions that the State of Texas has failed to acknowledge during their deployment at the Texas border.    “The Texas AFL-CIO welcomes Texas National Guard troops joining the Texas State Employees Union” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “We applaud TSEU leadership for extending its vision to help our troops address the inexcusable work environment they are navigating in ‘Operation Lone Star.’”    “Texas National Guard troops bravely serve our state and nation on many fronts, including disaster relief,” Levy said. “They did not sign up for unclear assignments outside their traditional jurisdiction, late paychecks, or disruption of everyday lives and threats to mental health caused by an open-ended, politicized deployment.”  “Members of our Texas National Guard serve with pride. They deserve better than what Gov. Greg Abbott has created — an ill-defined operation with no end in sight.”  “All workers deserve a union,” Levy said. “National Guard members subjected to this stunt know that using their voice together is how change happens. The Texas AFL-CIO joins with TSEU in demanding that the state respect their work in a manner consistent with their sacrifice.”