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  Hurricane Harvey, a storm of historic proportions, is the biggest natural disaster working people in Texas have faced.

  First and foremost, we hope you are safe. If you are, we are asking for your help.

  The Category 4 hurricane’s winds destroyed many homes and businesses in the Coastal Bend area, but Harvey’s slow movement and a resulting deluge has taken greater aim at Houston, Galveston Island, parts of Central Texas and many areas in between. The Houston area’s flooding is catastrophic. Some areas may receive 50 inches of rain -- a good year’s worth in a matter of days. And the danger from the torrential downpour is far from over at this writing and could last several more days.

  First Responders have operated heroically in the giant arena of this monster. A huge contingent of working people whose jobs involve logistics of rescues, maintaining power and communications, and movement of resources are working around the clock to minimize loss of life and prepare for a long aftermath. Countless volunteers from the labor movement are assisting at shelters and other locations.

  As always, union members affiliated with the Texas AFL-CIO are participating in rescue and relief efforts. The state labor federation and our affiliates, including the Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation and Central Labor Councils across the state, are beginning to assess how and where we can help.

  We know from experience that union members are extraordinarily generous in tough times. This is the toughest of times. Several charitable organizations are well deserving of your help. We ask that you consider directing some of your giving to the Texas Workers Relief Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable fund overseen by the Texas AFL-CIO.  

  As with past natural disasters, we will be assessing needs and making sure union families are supported in this time of crisis

  What lies ahead is new. We have never seen a Texas tragedy on this scale. We cannot make anyone whole, but our movement can send a message of solidarity, a message that we are with working people badly harmed by Hurricane Harvey in heart, in soul and in spirit. 

    Please help if you can. Any amount would be appreciated. Go to this link:

In solidarity,

John Patrick, President
Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer
and the Staff of the Texas AFL-CIO