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Delegates at the Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention, held in the summer of odd-numbered years, govern the state federation through resolutions and other policy-setting. The policies set forth at our conventions are carried out by the officers of the Texas AFL-CIO – currently President Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay and an Executive Board consisting of elected union officers from around the state – and the Texas AFL-CIO staff. The Texas AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) makes political endorsements, addressing statewide contests at its conventions in January of even years.

The Texas AFL-CIO works with approximately 30 international labor unions and with the national AFL-CIO in developing programs. The state federation also is aligned with Central Labor Councils (CLCs) and Area Labor Federations (ALFs) that oversee local labor issues. Also in the Texas labor family: constituency groups representing Hispanics (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, or LCLAA), African-Americans (A. Philip Randolph Institute, or APRI), Asian-Americans (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, or APALA), women (Coalition of Labor Unions Women, or CLUW), retirees (Alliance of Retired Americans, or ARA), young labor activists (Young Active Labor Leaders, or YALL) and, most recently, the LGBTQ community (Pride at Work). The federation works with many allies on issues of mutual concern.