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Britni Cuington

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Britni began her union journey as a day one member of the Communications Workers of America Local 6215 while employed as a Premise Technician for AT&T. Since 2016 Britni has become a local job steward, District 6 Lead for the CWA National Broadband Brigade and District 6 Lead for CWA’s Next Generation empowering young workers under the age of 35. Britni has expanded her opportunities with targeted works with the TX Climate Jobs Project and serves on 2 state led Taskforce groups for the Texas Broadband Development Office and serves as Chairwoman of the Black Veterans Caucus of Common Defense (the largest nationwide progressive grassroots veteran organization). Britni is a current Ruth Ellinger Fellow, a proud member of several AFL-CIO constituency groups, and the proudest mother to a differently abled son named Parker.